Brittney Frantece is a writer, artist, writing educator, and Ph.D. candidate in the English Department at the University of Washington. In her research, she explores Black literary and visual arts to examine the new ways of thinking, being, and knowledge productions Black imaginations offer. In her teaching, she encourages students to venture out of what they consider to be “rules” when they are creating their projects, written or otherwise. Her goal is to offer students a variety of creative and intellectual modes to express their thoughts. She teaches for UW's Expository Writing Program and has conducted workshops for The Northwest School and Henry Arts Gallery. Her writing has appeared in Variable West, Black Embodiments Studios Journals, Hawai‘i Review chapbooks, and various art writing collections. She had curated shows for The Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle and The Beans Gallery in Chicago. website:​​​​​​
Rasheena Fountain is a is currently a second year MFA Creative Writing Prose Candidate at the University of Washington Seattle. She is a multigenre writer and interdisciplinary educator whose work focuses on Black Environmental Memory. She tentatively defines Black Environmental Memory as the recollection landscape of Black people’s relationships to and interactions with the lands they construct, which includes the flora and fauna on lands and shared waters. Rasheena has experience in the environmental field as a National Audubon Walker Communications Fellow, as a communications manager for other environmental organizations, and more. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Arts in Education from Antioch University Seattle, and Rasheena Fountain has been published in Penumbra, Hobart Pulp, ZORA, Mountaineer Magazine, and more. She is currently living in Seattle and working on an environmental essay collection. Website:

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