The Chorus: Artistic Responses as Academic Discourse is an interdisciplinary collective space aiming towards inclusive and experimental educational practices. At the core of The Chorus is rethinking the student-teacher feedback loop by empowering creative responses to texts across genres (maps, video, literature, etc.). Once a quarter, a small group of scholars and instructors discuss a cultural text that is significant to the fields of Black and queer studies. We also create and workshop responses to the works. Reading responses allow us to delve out our thoughts and explain how our own ways of thinking are in conversation with the texts we explore. As instructors, we can understand more fully how we are reading the text and what we hope students learn from it. The sessions are meant to render potential curricula for instructors, community educators, and faculty to implement in their classrooms as alternatives to traditional written assignments and dialogues. The Chorus asks, how can we create works, and thus guide students to create works, that broaden the scope of academic scholarship to include diverse discourse communities and cultural ways of knowing? 
            The Chorus is funded by The University of Washington Expository Writing Program's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaboration Grant, and The Black Opportunity Fund at UW. 

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